Digital Printing Companies Scope of Work

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First off, digital printing is on a new forefront in the printing industry. Printing digitally is a technology that permits the linking of printing presses to computers which proves beneficial in a number of ways: faster turnaround times, lowered production and setup costs, and the ability to personalize documents easier. This fairly new technology is prominent in the printing industry because it’s simply a more efficient way of printing.

Digital Printing Companies Scope of Work

There are a few different ways of printing in the digital printing field. Some examples that large digital printing companies use are as follows:

Inkjet – Inkjet printing is primarily used for home and office printing as well as for small businesses. This technology is easy to use, cost effective and reliable. Though inkjet printers produce good color, they are slow and usually for best results require specially coated inkjet paper or photo paper.

Thermal Wax – Thermal wax printers produce vibrant color but require very smooth or specially coated paper or transparencies for best output. Thermal wax printing technology works well for businesses that need to produce large quantities of transparencies for colorful business presentations.

Dye Sublimation – Dye-sublimation printing methods are favored by some graphic designers for high-end proofing and by some businesses that want to produce the best possible color materials in-house.

Electrostatic – Electrostatic printing is a process for printing or copying in which electrostatic forces are used to form the image in powder or ink directly on the surface to be printed; the process basically uses toner instead of ink to add color spotlessly to produce media, decorative or package printing.

Spray Jet – This printing process is similar to the Inkjet process, however the ink is applied to the textile using spray nozzles.

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The advantages of digital printing are cost, size, and turnaround time. More conventional than using plate press printing, it allows a shorter run time for each design. With the way technology is, we can use computers to change the size of the product to fit practically any format. From a few mere inches to feet in length, and anything larger can be compiled in a tiled format. And with digital printing you can change designs or formats easily with no need of interchanging. Most conventional printing methods require proofing and setup, whereas digital printing simplifies the process.

Printing is starting to follow the technology that we use. Computers have greatly enhanced the quality and precision that go with creating a great product. With us living in the digital age, printing has become more cost effective and cheaper to produce quality products in less time than older conventional ways. digital printing companies have helped many companies with the fact it can help achieve printing needs faster and less expensive than what has been the norm for many years prior.

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