Wholesale Vinyl Banners at Low Cost

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From what I have seen most of the wholesale vinyl banners are cheap and perhaps cheaper than what you would get from a local print vendor, but at the same time they don’t seem to be of as high quality as some of the more renowned print vendors that have been doing digital printing for years. It is really a matter of opinion I guess, but also you get what you pay for. I would rather spend the extra dollar or two per square foot and know I am getting a quality product than something that isn’t up to the caliper that I am expecting.

Wholesale Vinyl Banners at Low Cost

Some of the wholesale print vendors seem like they may actually have decent to pretty good quality products, while others look like they may be running business out of a garage in a home. I just believe that research is key when thinking about going to a wholesale vinyl banners print vendor. Look for customer reviews, see what kind of materials they use (gauge of vinyl, mesh, canvas, etc.), if they provide free grommets and hemming with purchase or is it extra, as well as ink (is it solvent based or water soluble) and printers (do they have up to date equipment). Don’t be afraid to ask them questions since it is your dollar paying for their services.

If you can find a wholesale vinyl banners print vendor that also specializes in other print manufacturing products, then you may have something good to work with. More than likely if they work with other textiles, they have more up to date equipment and will probably have a quality final product. It’s OK to be skeptical and see what the vendor has to work with. And if you choose to go with a wholesale vinyl banner print vendor and the results are to your liking, make sure to give them a great review that is fair. It also goes the same if they botch what you wanted, make sure you ask for your money back, send back the product and write a review that suits the quality of their final product.

Take a look at a wholesale vinyl banners video.

This post was written by our special guest that has been in the industry for years.

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